Mi 04.11.20

ESB Platform October 2020 statistics

The European Sellers&Buyers Platform has been launched on 1st of July 2020. It is a tool supporting promotional items export among suppliers, distributors, resellers, and promotional agencies from the whole Europe. The platform enables very fast promotional items searching and stands out for its modern functionality, quick inquiries to companies from the whole Europe and is perfect for daily usage.

Below you can find the monthly report summarizing actions in the last month.

European Sellers&Buyers was visited by 3087 unique users this month. The first five countries from Europe with the highest number of visits are:

•      Poland (1302 visits)

•      Germany (209 visits)

•      Netherlands (163 visits)

•      France (132 visits)

•      Finland (127 visits)

The number of unique visits outside of Europe is 438 which represents about 14% of overall unique visits.

At the moment 3372 different suppliers can be found on European Sellers&Buyers. 21 new suppliers have joined platform in October. Our suppliers present 840 different products. The number of products has risen by 36 compared to the activity in the previous month.

Product searches number has reached 82.576.

The most popular product that has been searched for is a bag. It has been searched over 617 times. The second most popular product is paper (526). The third most popular product is a mug (487). The next products are a t-shirt (354) and a pen (338).

Category searches number has reached 6.129.

The most popular category that has been searched for is clothing, footwear, accessories. It has been searched over 1108 times. The second most popular category is brands (709) which was added in September. The third most popular category is ad production materials (663). The next category is office (571). The fifth most popular category was house, garden (561).

The total number of sent messages to the suppliers is 491.

European Sellers&Buyers Platform brings a number of benefits:

If you are a supplier:

•      positioning in search results - chances for more product inquiries,

•      adding news - the possibility of sending them in the newsletter reaching 78.000 companies from 35 countries,

•      view of the company's business card - ability to add a logo, company description, photos, videos, catalogues, tags, and products,

•      access to daily reports - matching offers to the best results,

•      additional Top Supplier option - a guarantee of being displayed higher in the product search results.

If you are a distributor:

•      daily dose of new, inspiring promotional products,

•      quick product inquiry,

•      searching for products in a simple search engine with over 3000 suppliers from all over Europe.

The platform is available at www.esbook.eu. Any questions can be directed to the e-mail address: info(at)esbook.eu.

The PDF report is possible to download from here.